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    • King Brown Pomade Powder Wax Matte Styler
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      King Brown Pomade

      Powder Wax Matte Styler - 0.52 oz

      A multi-functional matte finish styling product that creates a natural volume and texture.

      This new POWDER WAX is the ultimate styling product for anyone wanting to boost volume, or add matte texture to natural-look styles.

      Pump nozzle for precision application. 0.52 oz.

      Add more texture to your look by spraying directly to roots of dry hair, style loosely or set some lines with a wide tooth comb.

      Or use as a stand alone product with blow dryer to enhance hair volume. Provides a light hold, matte finish. Suitable for all hair types, short to long in length. Best suits textured cuts, longer hair, and curls.

      Product Number: 08SAPW.5
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