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Happy Retirement, Robert!

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Robert Talewsky began his journey with East Coast Salon Services in July of 1972, three weeks before his wedding. As of January 2021, we are saddened, yet honored, to give away the position of Robert’s longest relationship. 😊 All of us at East Coast bid him into retirement with unconditional admiration, respect, and gratitude.

Over 48 years of success within one company is a remarkable accomplishment, but that is only the beginning of the accolades Robert has carried with him throughout his career.

Robert has been acknowledged by peers and top industry leaders as one of the best sales representatives in the country, across many brands. Redken awarded him the title of Top Sales Representative for several years (more than we have been able to count actually) - beginning in 1995 and celebrated most recently in 2019. His commitment to the industry and his customers is truly unparalleled, and that comes through in every part of his work, large and small. Robert has even spoken at events such as BBSI and the Redken Symposium to share with people across the industry his skill and passion for building and maintaining successful salon relationships in hopes to grow and better the professional beauty industry for all.

Robert is, perhaps, the most accomplished sales representative in the beauty industry. In our industry, hitting one sales achievement is highly regarded and something to celebrate. The sheer number of his achievements, year after year after year is unprecedented. Quite likely, they will never be exceeded. Regarding his 48 years of employment, words cannot adequately describe Robert’s dedication and contribution to our company, East Coast Salon Services. Robert’s impact on our company can only be surpassed by his impact on the thousands of customers over the years. Amongst all of his praises, he is most recognized for his unyielding efforts concerning our customer’s successes. His perspective, knowledge, passion and compassion will be profoundly missed.

Because of the job he did and the relationships he built, it makes this time of parting even harder to fathom. Robert is an icon in the industry and in our ECSS family. It’s hard to imagine a Monday sales meeting without him. However, we could not be more grateful for our time together and all the dedication he put into it. It is with the UTMOST gratitude and love that we send our wishes – HAPPY RETIREMENT, ROBERT!