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What is a family business?

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One of the beneficial shifts that has come from pandemic-perspective thinking is the focus and celebration of small business and “shop local.” Walking down the sidewalk of a small-town Main Street, it’s easy to identify, relate to, and rally behind a small shop with it’s carefully curated window display and earnest tight-knit staff.

East Coast Salon Services may not have the same walkability or pop-in structure as that Main Street shop, but from its founding moments in 1944 to today and every day in between, we are a family business through and through.

So, what does it mean to be a family business in a very digital age?

With the loss of our founder, Stan Klet in 2019 – we were granted the gift of perspective. And stories. So many stories. Customers, past and current employees, and industry professionals across the globe reached out to us with heartfelt condolences, sharing the memories and laughs they shared with Stan and his whole family over the years. While it can be odd to hear stories from a coworker about yourself in diapers or selling school fundraisers - it was a thoroughly nourishing and healing experience to hear of all the people that were enriched personally and professionally because of Stan and the company he built.

And that is what being a family business means to us. At the beginning and the end of every day we are a family working together to, hopefully, offer something good to the customers we reach. For the past 77 years and for many years into the future, regardless of challenges along the way, our dedication remains the same. We care about doing a good job for our customers, for ourselves, for Stan’s legacy, for future generations, and for you.

It is often easy to lose the personal connection to a company behind screens, emails, and procedures. But the people are still there none-the-less. You can find Stan’s immediate family members throughout the company in sales, education, marketing, logistics, and, of course, at the helm, as president and CEO of current day East Coast Salon Services. We talk about our company, our customers, and our products over dinner, at holidays, in long formats, and short text. Beyond the Klet family – the group Stan built extends to a family of employees that have collectively invested lifetimes of dedication and experience to making this company what it is today and what it will be for years to come. We are always striving to do better, offer more, and serve our customers and the industry thoroughly.

We know that many of you are small businesses too with family ties of your own. So, while you do the hard work of transforming clients and making the world a more beautiful place, know that we are here for you! Let us know what you need and how we can help. And as always, thank you for your business, and for being a part of our family.