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BACO Color Glaze, Acidic Color, New Ways to Create by Patrick McIvor

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I am a demi-permanent loving colorist. In fact, I am successful because of demi-permanent hair color. I graduated beauty school in 1987 right when demi-permanent hair color began to explode in our industry. Because I was young and new, I realized that if I learned how to use demi-permanent colors and specialized in using them, that most of the experienced colorists at the time had never used them, had no experience with them or even understood why they would want a permanent color that did not give controlled lift or cover gray 100%. Demi-permanent colors became my canvas, a passion, and something I have written guides and books about in my past. So, when I heard Kaaral was releasing BACO Color Glaze, I Was Ecstatic!!!

I LOVE BACO Soft, and the way a colorist can choose either 6 vol., 10 vol., or 20 vol. depending on the desired result, which gives amazing versatility from an alkaline demi-permanent. From gray coverage, to glazing with a slight bump to the base, BACO Soft does a lot, and I love it A LOT, but because it was alkaline there were things I missed from an acidic color.

And BACO Color Splash! I also LOVE Color Splash, and its versatility to mix, especially with the option that Clear offers me with all the other colors. But if blending or covering gray was part of the desired outcome, because Color Splash is a non-oxidative color, this was not created to do that. Again, I found myself missing an acidic demi-permanent color, a permanent oxidative color with an acidic pH that delivers permanent colors wear-ability without lightening the natural pigment.

So why is an acidic demi-permanent color so important to my work and me? Because I use it for almost everything in my work, except for lightening. Acidic demo-permanent can: blend gray (sometimes even cover), darken color, change tone (dramatically), refresh color, be used as a filler to re-pigment hair, control unwanted tones, add shine and tone highlights.

What makes a true acidic demi-permanent color special is the fact that it has an acidic pH, which along with a low volume developer, like the New Color Glaze uses, keeps the color from causing unwanted lift or lightening. What makes BACO Color Glaze so special is that it does exactly what you expect from industry leading, acidic demi-permanent colors at a competitive price point, and then it gets even better.

The Color Pallet - 22 intermixable colors, plus Clear. This is the “Goldie Locks” for a great hair color The pallet is not too big and there is a complete variety for every colorist to formulate easily. Color Glaze is available in tonal families of - Natural .0, Intense Ash .11, Pearl .12, Violet .2, Intense Violet .22, Gold .3, Intense Copper .44, Intense Red .66 and Clear. A colorist can choose a single color or formulate whatever the desired color that is needed.

Its A Gel - Because BACO Color Glaze is a gel it offers more opportunities to create! Want to use a bowl and brush to apply? Not a problem with Color Glaze, because of its rich gel consistency, Color Glaze does not drip or run like other acidic demi-permanent colors when using a bowl and brush. How about if you like to apply your color with an applicator bottle? Not a problem, and you don't need forearms like Arnold to squeeze the bottle. The color dispenses easily, spreads and saturates really well and does not drip like more liquid demi-permanent colors. Then for creative work, smudging, shadowing, dropping the base, low-lighting and freehand applications, BACO Color Glaze gel consistency lets the colorist be more creative and controlled with their color applications.

Investment & Return - I look at the colors our salon uses as an investment. As a colorist I look at haircolor being a tool to create and as a business owner I look at the ability to be profitable as a means to continue to be in business. So haircolor needs to provide me the opportunity to do all those to be happy and successful. BACO Color Glaze does all 3 for me. Its’ cost makes it a great investment, its versatility as a color makes it a very important to tool for me as a colorist, as an owner using it allows me to be profitable and have the return on our investment to continue to grow and create more amazing color. Amazing shine, great condition, and a color so beautiful guests see and feel the difference.

Guests always ask why I LOVE acidic demi-permanent colors. I tell them it’s because I can play with or affect just the hairs I want when working with the lighter hairs in natural or dimensional hair. I tell them to picture their highlights or lighter hair like the white checks in a black and white checked table cloth, and the black checks representing their darker, pigmented or non-lightened hair. Once they have the checked table cloth pictured in their mind I say, now imaging if someone spilled red wine on the black and white checked table cloth, can they imagine what that would look like? The white checks would now be red, and the black checks would still be black. Then if someone spilled black coffee over the now red wine colored and black checked table cloth, can they imagine how the once white checks would now be a red-brown and the black checks would still be black? This is what I LOVE about BACO Color Glaze because just like the analogy with the black and white checked table cloth, a colorist has endless options to play with the lighter hair. And because of the Acidic pH, the water used to rinse BACO Color Glaze will most likely be a Higher pH and further away from the hairs natural pH than Color Glaze! That’s how gentle to the hair it is.

From a clear gloss of shine to rich naturals, strong reds, brilliant golds and intense ashes, BACO Color Glaze is ready for you to create and for your guests to experience even more amazing hair color from you.