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When you buy Framar products you aren’t just investing in your craft, you’re getting the family.

FRAMAR™ started out as a love story when Frank was doing Maria’s (FRA-MAR) hair and soon became a couple. After getting hitched and having their first child, Frank went to England to take a hair coloring class; that’s where he discovered the use of foil in the hair industry. He knew this was something he wanted to implement into his salons, eliminating cap and needles. After a little digging, and a lot of testing, Frank and Maria cofounded Framar Enterprises™ in 1986.

The Limited Edition Palmshell Collection

If you can't spend the summer on a beach in the Tropics, then bring the beach to your station! Brighten up the day with these fun brushes, foils and clips!

Featured Products from Framar: